The 1984 Karate Kid: Another Movie for Dowsers


Written by Maggie Percy


It's Not Always About Dowsing

The original (1984) version of the movie “The Karate Kid” is a wonderful movie for dowsers. No one dowses in the movie. But dowsing isn't just about technique. It's about mindset.

In The Karate Kid, a man who feels he has nothing much to live for discovers his passion again in teaching a boy karate. The teacher and the student both benefit from the interaction. We have found this to be true every time we teach a course.

But it's a movie for dowsers!

Using the link below, watch the movie and see how the boy's journey to mastery of karate is like your journey to master dowsing. Think about the obstacles you have faced, and apply the lessons in the movie to smooth your own journey and boost your enthusiasm.

You can Google ‘1984 Karate Kid movie, watch free' and find a number of sites that offer it at no cost.

Among the many wonderful scenes in the movie, my favorite for those learning dowsing is when the boy is told to clean and wax all the cars in the lot, and by the end, he is ready to walk out. Watch the movie and find out how perseverance and practice lead to mastery in all things. That, and getting a great mentor!

Have you watched it? Did you like it? Can you see how it can relate to dowsing? Can you suggest another movie for dowsers? Let us know in the comments section below.

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