The Benefits Of Removing Fear

Written by Maggie Percy

The Many Faces Of Fear

If you want to live an intuitive life, or if you want to use an intuitive skill like dowsing, fear is your worst enemy. Yet fear is so pervasive in our world, it is a pitfall all of us must address.

People like to say that fear stands for ‘false evidence appearing real,' and that's true as far as it goes. But fear cannot easily be dismissed or banished just because you know it isn't really REAL.

Fear is a natural human emotion, and yet it appears to have no obvious benefit whatsoever. Fear can paralyze you in an emergency situation, causing you to fail to do what you need to for success. Fear can cause you to turn away from a path that would be good for you, leading to regret and loss.

Fear has many faces: fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of judgment. Fear of death is very real at the subconscious level and has a huge effect on many of your subconscious choices. In some situations fear of death is also conscious.

The voice of fear is loud and annoyingly persistent. It is very hard to ignore fear. Because of that, fear is your worst enemy when trying to ‘hear' your intuition or Inner Voice and when trying to use an intuitive skill like dowsing.

In a culture as rationally-oriented and as intuition-phobic as ours, your intuitive senses are untrained, unobserved and denigrated right and left as useless imaginings. Fear is the biggest obstacle you have to ‘hearing' your inner voice or registering your intuitive senses, and it also is one of the biggest blocks to accurate dowsing, because it makes you attached to certain answers, and detachment is vital for dowsing accuracy.

If you want to access your intuition in general or focus it with dowsing, reducing and removing fear is one of the most fundamental and important tasks you can undertake. Yet it requires a degree of conscious effort to train yourself in new directions.

In this article, I will offer some suggestions to get you started on the path to removing fear in your life. Fear offers you no benefits and many drawbacks, so it is a good starting point if you have chosen to live a more intuitive lifestyle or want to master any intuitive technique, like dowsing.

Fear is used by the media and those in authority to keep you focused on certain things, most of which you cannot control, because having you feeling like a powerless victim makes you easier to control. That control gives the media a better chance to get you to buy a product or service and offers the government the opportunity to get you to go along with an agenda. It even gives your pastor or priest the ability to influence your actions via fear of damnation.

Fear is only effective if you allow it to control you. You can learn to turn down the volume on your fear reaction to the point where it no longer blares so loud that you cannot hear your Inner Voice. With less fear, you are more able to choose a good path intuitively, and you become a more accurate dowser.

There are many ways to reduce fear, but all of them rely on you becoming more self-aware. Self-awareness is a key to intuitive living of all kinds. Being un-conscious is the opposite, and unconsciousness is what governments, religions and corporations rely on to promote their agendas. Unconscious, overwhelmed, fearful people are easier to control.

Fear becomes a habit, so you need to retrain yourself. You may even need to remove some subconscious beliefs and ancestral patterns that are triggering a fearful reaction.

We'd like to talk about four simple methods for removing fear. Not everyone will have the same success with all of them, so try them all and pick the one that works best for you and use it regularly. Better yet, pick two.

The four methods are:

  1. Jin Shin Jyutsu finger holds
  2. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  3. The Emotion Code
  4. Meditation

The purpose of all these methods is to bleed off, reduce or transform fear and its effects on you, or to focus you on peace and harmony instead.

Method #1:

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an energy healing and balancing method that is rather complex. We took a class in it and loved it, but that requires an investment of time and money you may not want to commit to. Before you take a class, start out with the simple finger holds. Anyone can learn to do these, and this article will show you the simple technique and give you an idea of when and how to use them.

I use the finger holds on each individual finger at night, and I do this almost daily. It helps me to fall asleep, and it is very relaxing. I just focus on deep breathing while holding the finger. Go ahead and try it. Sometime when you are really angry or fearful or worried, stop, hold the appropriate finger for that emotion and breathe. Do it until you either feel a pulse or the pulse calms down or for at least two full minutes. To measure results, give a number to whatever the emotion is on a 0-10 scale before and after. You will see a big change.

I can attest that I am a worrier and tend towards fear, or did in the past. Since I began doing the finger holds daily, that is no longer true. This is a simple, free method that works.

Method #2:

EFT is one of many ‘tapping' therapies that act on acupuncture points and use a sequence of tapping while talking to release negative energies, emotions and even shift beliefs. It takes a certain verbal ability to easily know what to say, but there are many sites that offer free scripts and free newsletters to help you learn to use tapping.

There are many tapping resources for any purpose. We like the following:

  1. Gary Craig's site. He is the founder of EFT.
  2. Dr. Mercola's site has many health tapping scripts.
  3. Nick Ortner has a good site, too.

Tapping is especially good for releasing emotions and phobias that hold you back. If you research enough sites, you can learn it for free and get free scripts. We have used EFT for years, and we highly recommend it. It is another technique you can measure progress by using the 0-10 scale before and after to measure the intensity of your emotion.

Method #3:

The Emotion Code

We have read Dr. Bradley Nelson's book and particularly like that The Emotion Code uses muscle testing, a form of dowsing, to identify directions to go in. We have used this method for ourselves and our pets with success, but I have found that for me, it is less effective than methods 1 and 2. You can learn to do it by only reading the book, so it is a small investment, or you can invest in a class, which can be much more costly. But you can see how useful it will be for you with very little risk. Dr. Brad was a speaker at our Dowsing World Summit some years back.

Method #4:


There are many sources for meditation training that cost little or nothing. Time and commitment are the biggest hurdles to learning to meditate, yet its benefits go way beyond helping you release fear.

Some good sources are:

  1. Abraham Hicks and the Law Of Attraction method.
  2. We have found guided meditation to be great. This site offers free audios to get you started.
  3. Dr. Joe Dispenza has some interesting programs.

They're all good, but I like option #2 above for a starting point, because it's free and really simple. You can google other free options. The important thing is to get started and keep doing it. A peaceful, clear mind can become a habitual place to go, and fear cannot live there.

Whatever path you choose, you will improve your life and live more intuitively and dowse more accurately if you get rid of fear.

Please comment below and share your results or testimonials to getting rid of fear and how it helped you.


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  1. Barry

    So much information available here & many choices, a great site Maggie & nigel have available, many thanks.

    • Maggie Percy

      Thank you, Barry. We look forward to your comments and questions. Don’t forget the recorded presentations.

  2. Jake Jacobson

    Hell, no, I’m not afraid! I am a multi-dimensional, multi-temporal being who is just inhabiting this corporieal vehicle in this dimension for a short period of time to learn some lessons that I wanted to learn.This is just a rental car. It isn’t like the virus can kill me. I am immortal, have been for millions of years, and will be for millions more. Meanwhile, I just generate a bubble of white light around me, my loved ones, and my friends, scramble the frequency of any and all detrimental energies inside that bubble. and Bob’s your uncle. Then I can spend my free time sending loving, healing energy to those who don’t understand who they really are. Thanks to a large posse of spiritual beings who all have my best interests in mind, I am right where I am supposed to be. When where I’m supposed to be turns out to be somewhen else, I will go there happy knowing that I did the best that I could while I was here.

    Love to you all,
    Big Jake

    • Maggie Percy

      Thanks for sharing this empowering point of view and reminding us who we really are.

  3. Joan Austerberry

    Thank you Nigel and Maggie for this very informative site, I have tried some of the finger holds and found an immediate change.

    Much love and blessings to you both.


    • Maggie Percy

      Thanks for confirming that the jin shin finger holds worked for you. They are so simple, yet effective. Better yet, they are free and can be used at any time.

  4. Reese Evans

    Thank you very much for this beautiful article. This is really great & helpful. I read it & learn about many things. I appreciate your thoughts & ideas. It’s really great. well done.

    • Maggie Percy

      We’re glad to hear it was helpful to you.

    • Maggie Percy

      You’re quite welcome.


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