Dowsing Presentation: The Future of Dowsing is in the Balance


Written by Maggie Percy


Keynote Dowsing Presentation

In 2010, Nigel & Maggie Percy were invited to present the keynote address at the Canadian Society of Dowsers Annual Convention in Toronto. Unfortunately, the presentation was not able to be recorded. What you see in the video is an abbreviated version of that presentation. We thought the content and subject matter to be important. Plus we liked it so much that we decided we would record the whole thing again. Obviously, it isn't exactly the same, word-for-word, as what we said in Canada, but we used our notes; the same ones we used there, for this recording.

The dowsing presentation covers the importance of using both left and right brain. There are also some self-tests that will help you determine your preference. Are you more left-brain or right-brain?

If you are interested in a long look at the spinning dancer test, visit:?

Here's another test of side preference:

Brain dominance test

When Maggie took both tests, she came out left-brain dominant for the dancer and right-brain dominant for the test above. It may be that the dancer is a more dynamic test of how you use your brain in daily life. You might find that what you are working on or thinking about affects the direction the dancer moves. Maggie and Nigel can make it go both ways.

Maggie feels that perhaps the pink/blue image above is using a test that is more a reflection of natural inclination. As with personality tests, you have to be careful of what you are measuring. You might be measuring how someone chooses to move through life, even if it isn't their natural preference. It might be an indication of culture, training and various pressures.

For Maggie, her intensive training in science and her parents' preference for rationality and logic may have caused her to develop that left brain ability as a way of pleasing them and succeeding, when in reality, her right brain is her dominant side. Couple that with the long-held belief that she had no artistic ability, and you can see why she used the left brain more. But since the 90s, she has focused on using both sides, seeing her innate talents and valuing both left and right brains.

Which side of your brain is dominant? And how does that influence your dowsing? Let us know in the comments section below.

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