The New Age and Dowsing

the new age and thinking about dowsing

Written by Nigel Percy

Age Of Aquarius?

It's the New Age. And has been for ages. Perhaps we're into the middle ages of the New Age by now.

It's been a time when lots of ideas have come rushing up into public awareness. The reason for that happening, for people to jump on board, may be a reaction against changes in society; things being quicker, shorter, faster, smaller and so on.

In this period, dowsing has gone from being a small-group activity of mainly water dowsers to a larger, more diffuse ‘concept'. And that is the problem.

It's a problem because this new age has produced so many ideas that hardly anyone thinks about them anymore. It seems that acceptance of pretty much anything is fine. There is no critical thinking. Probably even those who are capable of critical thinking don't want to because to do so would go against the bright, fluffy, happy, idea that ‘It's all good!'. Saying that something isn't all good is criticism and, ‘Hey, we all have a right to our own ideas, right, Dude?'

There's another reason as well for blind acceptance. And that is, if you want to be part of a group, you have to show solidarity. And you can't show solidarity if you criticize the group's ideas, can you?

New Age + Dowsing = ?

You don't have to look hard to find crazy (and I use that word carefully!) ideas about dowsing . Standing in certain directions, ritualistic practices, confusing intention with dowsing… All these and more are prevalent and they cloud and confuse this beautifully simple skill.

So the question to ask is, why do dowsers leave their brains at the door and say and accept crazy things without thinking? Is it because they have been introduced to dowsing in the wrong way? They've perhaps been taught to think of it as something psychic and paranormal.

Or is it something more insidious? Is it, perhaps, that dowsers join the dowsing tribe not because they want to learn something new and inherently useful but because they want to feel safe in a place where they can justify and explore their preconceived ideas, even their bigotry?

Many times, people (I won't call them dowsers), use dowsing to justify their attitudes. And, because they use dowsing, they cannot be accused of anything because, ‘Hey, it's dowsing and I access the absolute truth with it, so you can't argue with me'.

The lack of thinking is damaging dowsing

But there's also another reason that self-professed dowsers don't want to think about what it is they are doing, or how or why they are doing it. I think it's because they are afraid to look inside themselves or alter anything about themselves. If it's all ‘outside' of them, what's the point of self-work?

It's much easier to just accept anything as the truth, without question. It's also easier to assume that there is ‘Truth', incontrovertible and eternal, and that they can access it.

Just as long as it meets with their prejudice, because that prevents them from thinking.

The new age has brought many wonderfully liberating concepts and ideas to a greater audience. Dowsing is one of these. But with greater exposure has come a greater dilution as people jump on the bandwagon and proclaim their method, their procedure, their ritual, is the right way to dowse.

And, if nobody challenges those ideas, they take hold and fewer and fewer people understand and appreciate what dowsing really is about. All they hear is the sizzle and then they find the steak is without nourishment. And dowsing fades.

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