The Power of Dowsing

The power of dowsing

Written by Maggie Percy

The power of dowsing mystifies, attracts or goes unnoticed. Which describes you? Those who are interested in psychic powers or tools for change may be drawn to dowsing. Others may find it confusing or out of reach. But the majority of people don't even notice the power of dowsing. This includes dowsers themselves.

Why Can't We All Embrace The Power of Dowsing?

Why is dowsing not seen as practically a superpower that can change your life dramatically? Because unless you have the intention of improving your life, you won't notice when the Universe presents you with a simple, affordable and natural tool. At best, most dowsers use dowsing infrequently for a few situations, like testing their supplements or predicting the future. Do we underuse dowsing because we lack the intelligence or imagination to recognize its power? I don't think so. I think our energies determine how we respond to dowsing.

Dowsing is a very empowering natural intuitive tool for making your life easier, healthier and happier. But if you don't want those things or if you focus instead on how disempowered and vicitmized you are, you won't even see the opportunity dowsing presents. If you have poverty mentality or a sense of not being good enough, dowsing will slip by you, because you don't resonate with its potential as a natural, affordable tool for creating the life you want.

How Can You Embrace The Power?

You'll need to shift or transform energies like the following:

  • Fear
  • Low self-esteem
  • Unworthiness
  • Anger
  • Poverty mentality
  • Beliefs that involve negativity

It is possible to change your energies and your outlook using any number of tools. We often recommend meditation (click here for our favorite free meditations), yoga nidra, guided visualization, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and other energy practices to create a more harmonious, empowered state of being. These methods are cheap and easy to learn and practice, and they will help you recognize the power of dowsing as a creative tool.

How Can Dowsing Be Powerful?

You could ask, why is dowsing so powerful? Isn't dowsing simply a tool for getting answers to questions? That's true. But if you master dowsing and use it, you become vastly more intelligent than when you only use your brain for charting a course through life. Having the answers is one of the most powerful gifts you can give yourself.

In addition, dowsing technique, meaning learning all the steps to proper dowsing, is a transformational experience. You can't be fearful and dowse accurately. Seeing yourself as a victim blocks good answers to your questions. Also, it's vital to have a calm center to tap into your dowsing state. All of these skills are easy to learn and will transform you to a victor.

Dowsing has been the most empowering tool of the very many we have mastered in the past twenty years. It has helped us to become conscious co-creators of the life we want to live. How has dowsing empowered you?


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  1. Greg Carroll

    Thank you for sharing the free videos and for this post. I was interested in dowsing 4/5 years ago and had an experience using a pendulum and letter chart that scared me off. I now know that I regularly shield and protect myself with love. So I’m starting from scratch again and you are helping. Many thanks, Greg from Whitley Bay, UK.

    • Maggie Percy

      We are glad that you are once again dowsing, Greg! We look forward to answering any questions you have.

  2. Peter Foxx

    Yes it is so important to have the right answers, especially the right answers for as an individual. There are so many answers out there via OP opinions etc. Asking questions and getting my answers are now part of my internal dialogue. It took time and some clearing of old patterns but boy was it worth it. You guys played a major role in that so thank you.

    • Maggie Percy

      Thanks for the kind words! We look forward to continuing to support you on your dowsing journey.

  3. Greg Carroll

    Thanks Maggie. I bought new dowsing rods recently and only the right hand one moved- the left one only moved when I asked questions about direction. I had more consistency with a little pendulum so have ordered a small pendulum. Interestingly, my 11 year old daughter picked them up, asked what ‘yes’ was, got a very clear answer, and then started chatting away with yes/no questions. She asked “Are you a loving spirit guide?” and got a yes and a bit later, after some more questions, told me “I have a 35 year old female spirit guide who’s a relative on my side of the family. We (not just me any more!) are very new to this. Does all that seem normal ? I promise not to pester you with questions!! Thanks, Greg (and Eve!)


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