The Problems of Learning to Dowse

Written by Nigel Percy

In The Beginning

When you were learning to dowse, chances are you were told how to hold a pendulum, how to ask a question and even what sort of response was a ‘yes' or a ‘no'. And all the class, assuming you were in a class, were told the same thing.

Which is fine, except….

The problem, as I see it, is that nobody is the same as anyone else. We all think and act differently. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, yet we are all expected to do the same thing and get the same result. (Don't get me started on education!!)

Learning to Dowse…YOUR way!

It's for this very reason, that you are an individual, that neither Maggie nor I say that you HAVE to dowse in one certain way, following one specific set of instructions, as though you were a computer to be programmed.

Sure, we'll suggest certain things, certain approaches, and try to steer people away from doing things we have discovered to cause problems in one way or another, but as to the actual dowsing…. We try to let everyone get to their best result going down the road they choose. For us, that's what learning to dowse is all about.

Anyone with even a tiny interest in the brain and the way it works will have discovered that what goes on inside our heads, the way we see and interact with the world, can be hugely different between two people.

In dowsing terms, that could mean that, where I get a sensation in the back of my head telling me that I'm in the groove, so to speak, for you, it could be you hear a sound, or your right knee aches briefly. It could be anything at all. But the point is, no matter what happens to you when you dowse, it is you who is aware of it, sensing it.

So, next time you hear of the perfect and foolproof way of getting the right answer, of dowsing the ‘correct way', by all means give it a try. It might work for you, for a while. It might not ever work for you.

But, and here's the beautiful thing, it might get you thinking about what does work….for YOU!

When you began learning to dowse, what things were you taught that you no longer do? Share your experiences in the comments section below.


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  1. Mohamed

    sooner rather than later but my dnsiwog was telling me November and consistently so. I ended up sharing what I dowsed and told my wife I considered it very likely that it was wrong as I was too close to the subject I was correct as he died in September.Will it stop me trying again, no!

  2. Jen Malcom

    Not one thing I have done, regarding dowsing,has worked for me. I’ve had enough. I’m beginning to feel like an idiot,believing in seen entities talk to me, let alone, my own self. My body lies, my pendulum lies, God lies, they all are nothing but lies. I don’t want anything else to do with it. Positive affirmations don’t work, positive thinking doesn’t work, nothing wirks! I’ve had enough!

    • Nigel Percy

      Well, it certainly sounds like you’re frustrated, and I’m sorry that you have had such a distressing experience of dowsing. But without knowing more about what you were dowsing about, it’s pretty difficult to give specific help. My suspicion is, however, that you were dowsing about stuff which had emotional issues for you and which are really difficult to be objective about. Such things are full of problems, especially for beginners. Dowsing is a skill, nothing more. Don’t start with the hard stuff, but with stuff you can check the answers to because it’s physically there and you can see or touch it. That builds the groundwork for the skill which you can build upon later. Everyone can dowse but not everyone is equally good at dowsing everything, just like everyone can play the piano, but there are only some you want to listen to and not every good pianist can play the violin or trumpet well. It could be that you were trying to play the piano but you’re really better off playing the oboe, in terms of what you are using dowsing for.

    • Maggie Percy

      I’m sorry you are frustrated. Sooner or later, most of us reach that point. Then, if we are lucky, we realize what vibration we are resonating with, and therefore, what we are attracting. If you read your own post, you will see you are sending out the belief and energy of ‘everything/everyone lying to you’. That will therefore become your reality. You say that positive thinking doesn’t work. That will therefore be what you experience. Your frustration will attract more of the same, including attracting people who add to your frustration and entities that attach to you which are also frustrated. Like attracts like.

      If you wish to experience harmony in your life, you must create harmony within yourself. If you wish to experience happiness, you must feel joy and gratitude. It is vital to attend to what you are feeling and then ask yourself, “Is this what I want to feel?” If not, you will need to set out to shift energy and feel what you do want to feel. Don’t try to change from angry to happy instantly. That won’t work. Just reach for a slightly lighter and calmer energy. Do some deep breathing and banish thought. Look at something beautiful or watch a funny movie. Reset, reset, reset. As you feel slightly better, keep reaching for a more positive feeling.

      Dowsing isn’t for everyone. But mostly, it is not for people who think (wrongly) that it’s magic or psychic and they can do it without training. Dowsing is a skill. You must take our course or one like it and practice a lot. If you don’t want to invest in doing that, it’s ok. But it is silly (if you don’t mind me saying) to complain that dowsing doesn’t work just because you never took a class and tried to learn technique. If you calm down and decide you want to become a good dowser, we are here to help you. But we cannot help you unless you want to learn and accept that dowsing takes time and practice. Right now, you misunderstand what dowsing is; you aren’t alone in that, and we understand your misconception is frustrating. You are like someone holding a saxophone and yelling that it doesn’t work, when the problem is, you don’t know how to play it because you haven’t invested in lessons and practice.

      If you want to learn the skill of dowsing, we can help. If you want a magic wand, dowsing isn’t it. Your frustration stems from misunderstanding, and once you realize that, perhaps you will discover you’d like to learn how to dowse using proper technique. If so, we are happy to help.


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