What Is Dowsing?

Written by Nigel Percy

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A Frequently Asked Question

What is dowsing?

This apparently simple question can lead to a surprisingly wide number of answers. For example, you'll hear people saying that it is something you do to find underground water. Others will speak of it as something you can use to find lost objects, people or pets. Or, you might hear people talk about it as something which is like intuition or something similar.

The variety of possible answers can make dowsing appear to be a very confusing thing indeed.

However, dowsing is really only one thing, no matter how people say they might use it. And that one thing is this:

Dowsing is a simple, natural intuitive skill that can be used to provide answers to questions which your logical and rational mind cannot answer.

That's what it is!

So, for example, someone who is using dowsing to find underground water is asking a question about where to dig a well. Their rational mind cannot answer that question, but dowsing can. The same thing with finding lost objects, people or pets. In other words, dowsing is what you turn to in order to help you when you can't find the answer by thinking or simply researching a problem.

It might help if you understand dowsing as focused intuition. Normal intuition comes out of nowhere and it comes at odd times, and usually is not about what we are currently thinking about. But dowsing is a way of getting our intuition to respond to provide the information we want at the time we want it.

So you can see, dowsing really isn't a psychic ability. After all, we all have intuition, which means we all have the ability to dowse.

Dowsing is something everyone can do. And you don't need any special tools to dowse with, either. Remember the earlier definition? Dowsing is a natural, intuitive skill.

Of course, there are tips and tricks about dowsing, like with any skill. The most important thing to remember about dowsing is that it only gives yes or no answers. So you have to ask a good question to get a good answer. Once you have that idea firmly in place, you are making progress!

So, next time you have a problem or a choice to make, and you can't think your way to a solution or decision, or it all seems way too complicated or detailed, then you should consider using dowsing to help you.

How have you answered the question, ‘What is Dowsing'? Do you have a short way of explaining it to non-dowsers? Let us know in the comments section below.

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