Tuning In to Your Sixth Sense

sixth sense

Written by Maggie Percy

Your Sixth Sense

This presentation about ‘Tuning Into Your Sixth Sense', by Maggie & Nigel Percy, was originally given at the American Society of Dowsers' Southwest Conference in Flagstaff, AZ in 2009.

Often, when people dowse, they get locked into the idea that it's all about the tool or about their intuition. Sometimes they think it's both at once. But what about the sixth sense which everyone has? Is that the same as your intuition? Or is it something separate from dowsing?

Where does the sixth sense fit into dowsing? Should it?

If dowsing can be thought of as heightening the intuitive sense, then it would seem to make sense to really practice and become proficient at dowsing. After all, who amongst us does not want to have a well-developed sixth sense? We all do. We all want to have access to that seemingly hidden knowledge.

But how can dowsing actually be used to make our sixth sense, our intuition, really kick in? It's all very well to point out that there is a similarity, but what can actually be done?

This presentation goes into some of those questions and provides examples and insights which you can use as a dowser in your daily dowsing life.

Typical of the interactive style of presentation Maggie and Nigel favor, this talk has audience participation in several ways of sensing things intuitively. Simple exercises with the group involve remote viewing; clearing of space by the group; and sensing and altering hand chakra energies.

Discover how dowsing can help you become more intuitive, even more psychic, in this engaging talk.

(Note: If the lighting in this video seems a little off balance every now and then, don't worry, because it will not spoil it for you. The cameraman made good use of a tricky visual setup. You'll get all you need and want from it… promise!)

Dowsing as the Sixth Sense? Does that make sense to you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Kelsey J Duncan

    Hi Nigel and Maggie. I already thought that Dowsing was a Sixth Sense enhanced by the energy around and inside us. It feels like that it is to me. I need to let you know that the link to the movie doesn’t work here.

    • Maggie Percy

      Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know the link was broken. That’s one of the down sides of website maintenance. Nigel has it fixed now, so it should work. Please don’t hesitate to let us know any time you see something like that, as we want you to enjoy the site fully. Thanks again! And post any questions you have after watching the presentation. We’ll be happy to answer them.

  2. Kelsey J Duncan

    Hi Maggie and Nigel. The movie is working again. That was a great presentation about Our Sixth Sense. It only made me realize more that I am using my Sixth Sense well. I have always been able to use my intuition. The only thing I can not work out is why it does not make me any money.

    • Maggie Percy

      This is a very common question. I think if you examine your priorities in life, having money probably isn’t one of them. You may even feel that wealth is corrupting or you may not like wealthy people. Also, there is a huge difference between focusing on survival and focusing on wealth. This is why the step of having a goal is important.

      We like the Law of Attraction, but you have to study it in some depth to understand it, and even then, it isn’t easy to apply. I believe we are all naturally entitled to experience well-being in all its forms, and that a first good step to wealth is to begin to allow well-being more and more into your life. We all tend to have resistance in the form of negative beliefs about the need to earn or struggle or beliefs about not being worthy.

      Focus on the opposite and become more self-aware, and you will see where you need to change your attitude and attention, and things will improve. Self-awareness is a big key to becoming more intuitive and creating the life you want. We look forward to hearing from you again as you peruse our site.


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