Unruly Dowsing Pendulum?

Written by Nigel Percy

All Of A Sudden…

So there you are, dangling your pendulum (on a short chain!) and wheeeee! All of a sudden there's a new pendulum movement. Instead of going back and forth (or whatever your usual movement is), it takes off in a different direction.

This happens.

It happens a lot to pretty much every dowser at one time or another. And most dowsers don't do anything about it.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, ‘Many dowsers trip over the problem, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.'

Yet the answer to the problem is, literally, in your hands.

What to do with new pendulum movements

If your pendulum does something strange, then you have the option to ask a question as to why.

If you have only ever had yes and no responses, then it might be that you've just discovered a ‘stupid question' response. Or it might be a ‘not now' or a ‘wrong time' or even a ‘no answer' response.

Whenever this happens to you, it is presenting to you the perfect opportunity to extend your dowsing, to make it better, richer, more nuanced, more skillful.

All you have to do is ask the right question!

You've got nothing better to do, have you? After all, you're sitting there with the pendulum in your hand. Don't waste time. Ask right away. It might only be a response that happens once a month or once in a lifetime. But ask! Ask simple yes/no questions and you will learn more about your dowsing doing that than pretty much anything else.

So, if it's happened to you, start by asking, ‘Is that movement to give me more information than just a simple yes or no?' And then see where you go from there.

Seize the moment and grow as a dowser because of it.

What new pendulum movements have you experienced and what did they eventually mean for you? Let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. Kellye A Anderson

    My pendulum has been bobbing up and down like trying to climb the chain?
    What does this mean?
    Thank you

    • Nigel Percy

      I have no idea, sadly. But you could find out for yourself by asking various questions like , is it to do with the subject being asked? Is it a different way of saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’? Those are things to start with.

  2. Valerie


    I was working on something for days. Finally my pendulum stopped, like saying that “it is done”, “it is saturated”. The day came to find out that I was misleading myself, thinking that my problem solved. What did I do wrong? Since I am using it for healing myself, how can I trust the “believed correct” answer?
    Also, when I am healing, (moving positive or negative directions) sometimes abruptly starts to swing left to right or front to back. What does it tell me?

    Your help will be very appreciated.

    • Nigel Percy

      OK, so I’m hoping you’ve read this post about Dowsing and Healing and are aware of the differences between the two.
      The major issue, generally, about using dowsing to help yourself is that of objectivity; being able to stand back from the question and get whatever the answer is, not the one you are (secretly) wishing for. If there are issues around this then you might well flip your polarity (see this article for more details) which will happily keep providing wrong answers for as long as you continue dowsing about that particular subject.
      As for the strange movements you mention, as I point out in the post, this is the time when you get to ask questions about the movement’s meaning. Does it mean ‘not now’, ‘wrong question’, ‘all done’ or something else? That I can’t help you with because only you know what you were doing and thinking at that time. Use that as the starting point of your investigation and see where you end up!
      There are many helpful posts on this site which might prove useful in following up. We also offer an in-depth course online where we support all out students.
      Do please let me know if I can be of more assistance here.

  3. valerie

    Thank you very much, you have answered my question.
    All the BEST!


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