Use Your Brain – Both Of Them!


Written by Nigel Percy


Two Brains?

I suppose it's commonplace to hear about the two sides of the brain and how they are different. One is about logic and the other about intuition. The right side and the left. The creative and the intellectual. The artistic and the rational.

And the odd bit about the right side of the brain which controls the actions and activity of the left side of the body and vice versa.

It's all comfortably familiar.

And that's the danger.

Because if we can parrot off the differences without thinking too much about them, then are we really aware of what they mean? Of what they mean to us, right now, as dowsers?

Probably not.

Try using your brain this way…

So let's try to put the whole thing into a different viewfinder. Forget about the two sides, the opposites. It's the idea of opposites which is not helping. (Thanks to Colin Wilson for this idea.)

Think instead of being in a car at night. You're driving down a deserted road and the only light you have to see by is that from your headlights. Everything else is just black and your windows are up so you can't hear anything outside anyway.

How are you ever going to know what's going on out there?

The answer's simple: slow down, switch your lights off, turn the windows down and coast to a stop.

Your eyes will slowly adjust and you realize there's more detail than you thought. There are more sounds than you thought there could be. And, instead of only seeing the narrow tunnel of the headlights, you can turn your attention to either side, and even behind you.

You realize there's a whole different world out there.

We're always in the car and we're usually hurtling along, staring straight ahead. But if we really want to connect with, appreciate and understand the true nature of the world, the whole world, that is, not just the little bit in front of us, we're going to have to slow down to let it in.

We can still keep driving. But the faster we go, the less we can see around us.

Now, that's the difference between both parts of your brain, that amazing thing in your head. Not two parts separated, but two aspects working together. How we choose to give dominance to either one will dictate how much we apprehend.

As a dowser, you can't be in just one, but you have to find the balance between both. In other words, slow down when you dowse!

See how you perform with the left-brain, right-brain test?

Does this make sense to you? Have you tried it yet? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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