What Dowsing Is… and Isn’t?

Written by Maggie Percy

Right Question, Wrong Answer

Instead of answering the question, “What is dowsing?”, most people tell you what you can do with dowsing. Dowsing IS an incredibly practical skill, but your results with dowsing will benefit from your having a clearer concept of what dowsing really is.

There are a lot of misconceptions about dowsing. I'm not talking about the ones that call it black magic or the devil's work. This may stir up a hornet's nest, but in my opinion, a lot of dowsers are confused about what dowsing is. And no wonder. Dowsing instruction is rare, and even courses put out by professionals and societies often don't cover basic subjects required to help people dowse accurately.

Worse yet are the situations where people are saying dowsing is a healing method. I have a theory about how that got started. Dowsing is not glitzy like EFT or The Emotion Code. So some people felt that if they showed dowsing as a healing or transformational method, it would catch on faster. One can't blame their passion and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, that's not what dowsing is.

Dowsing is WAY bigger than just a healing modality.

Here's what dowsing is:

Dowsing is a way of getting answers to questions you cannot answer using rational means.

When done properly (which isn't as often as you would think), dowsing balances the brain, because it uses both left and right brain to get results.

Dowsing uses your left brain to create a good question and your right brain to get an answer via your intuitive senses.

When people get into a real dowsing state (which isn't even taught in lots of courses), they are actually in an altered state that has been measured by science to be a combination of a number of brain states. This makes sense to me, because if done correctly, you are both focused on one thing (the question) and completely detached (as in meditation), pulling the answer in without attachment. This is unlike any state you normally experience.

Dowsing is an innate skill, but it must be trained in order to do it well. And training is sorely deficient. We aren't excluding ourselves from this judgment–in early 2013, based on survey results, we decided to dump all our courses and start over, because we didn't feel we were helping people learn to dowse well.

If you get good training to use your dowsing skill, you can transform your life completely. The ability to get answers to any question on almost any subject will give you serenity. Stress, anxiety and trouble lose their hold on you. You become the person you always wanted to be. You find happiness. If these things don't describe you as a dowser, you aren't getting the full benefit of what dowsing is.

Don't let dowsing be a hobby you play at now and then. Dowsing can be an integral part of creating the life you want, but you have to use it and use it well!


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