What Is It About Elderly Dowsers?


Written by Maggie Percy


Where Are The Young People?

This may seem to be a strange question, but why is it that in any group of dowsers, elderly dowsers outnumber young dowsers? I've been attending live dowsing events since the last part of the 20th Century, and a pattern has emerged. I've been to events in the U.S., U.K. and Canada. I've been to chapter meetings and national conferences. In almost every case, the average age of the attendees was around 60 or over.

Now, that in itself might not be so strange. Perhaps you could say dowsing attracts retired folks who have time on their hands or it is largely an activity that appeals to mature individuals. But I think you'd have a hard time arguing those points successfully.

I've been dowsing and participating in events for nearly 20 years, and when I started, I was one of the rare ‘youngsters' at under 50 years of age. I assumed that the average age in dowsing would fall as newbies of all ages joined the ranks of dowsers. The fact is, that hasn't happened. Dowsing is still dominated by senior citizens, and now I'm one of them.

What is it about dowsing that fails to capture the imagination and commitment of younger minds? I suspect that the failure to present dowsing as a valuable life tool is behind the low recruitment or high attrition rates. Perhaps younger people need measurable results that make life better for them to be willing to commit valuable time to dowsing. And the truth is, dowsing has failed to deliver that message.

For years now, dowsing has chosen to stay foo-foo and New Agey, to distinguish ‘new' dowsing, ‘spiritual' dowsing, from practical dowsing such as water dowsing. This has been tantamount to suicide in terms of gaining new followers among the young. Using dowsing to find out about orbs and other unconfirmable subjects frankly has little point in their lives other than as entertainment, and as life gets busier and more demanding, people spend time on things that matter, meaning things that can be shown to make life measurably better.

Entertainment is wonderful, but dowsing is not entertainment. It is a skill that requires commitment of time and effort to master, and if you want to enroll young people in the dowsing movement, you need to acknowledge that. It is up to those of us who are professionals to start attracting a younger audience to dowsing not with smoke and mirrors that shine or entertain, but with useful, measurable results that make life better. I believe that therein is the solution if we want dowsers of all ages instead of only elderly dowsers.

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  1. Charlie

    Hi :) Well, I don’t know where to start, but, I just discovered I have this natural skill.
    I’m a 26 years old boy, uhmmm, I was “introduced” to pendulum dowsing 2 years ago. I attended a Reiki initiation and casually I was the only person who went that day, so, I had all the “fun” just for me. They were 2 guys, not so young but not too old neither, (between 37 and 47 maybe). They talked about what Reiki is and what are the benefits from it. As the session continued, they told me I can use the pendulum to locate energy blockages and use Reiki to make the energy flows, and also, they gave a kind of chart to measure my “spiritual energy” before and after the Reiki initiation (at this point I started to feel they were this kind of fake gurus). One of the men, had a crystal pendulum on his neck, he took it from his neck and told me examples of questions to ask hhe pendulum (His pendulum barely moved, I was thinking this was a waste of time) Then he gave a pendulum they “already programmed” I started to ask these simple questions like my name, my age etc. The pendulum moved so much more than they expected, I was shocked seeing something like that, an object on my hand moving with just asking questions. Unfortunately they didn’t tell me properly what this skill is about, they just told me to “have fun” with it, I was very excited so I was like, ok let’s have it! I arrived at home and showed immediately to my family, they were impressed too, I started to ask a million questions LOL, I went to my bedroom and kept asking questions, questions I wasn’t supposed to ask, my anxiety, insecurity and ego took control over, the last question I did was: Do I have to keep making questions? The pendulum said NO XD, at this point I was so exhausted and eye bags showed up lol. I was feeling like the pendulum was taking control over my life lol, over my intuition, I felt like I was not mature enough to use a tool like that, I was feeling very anxious and fearful tbh. I didn’t keep it because I felt like it was a temptation to use it. So I threw the pendulum to the toilet and flushed it. I left the Reiki WhatsApp group I was because I felt these man were not true “spiritual guides” they were just chasing money (I don’t blame them, we all need it) but we can’t just keep these people catch innocent and hopeful people heart’s. At this point I forgot (partially) about the pendulum and continued with my life.
    2018 was the beginning of my personal transformation, my life has changed a lot since then. I have became conscious and aware of many many aspects of myself and the world around me, of course this journey has not been easy, a lot of mental and emotional ups and downs (I’m more stable now) I’m learning to manage my emotions and thoughts.
    Early this year (around March) I was walking with my dog, we usual walk we do everyday, suddenly I started to feel anxious but I managed well, I had a white quartz hanging from my neck. When I arrived home, I took the quartz off from my neck because I had to take a shower, and I came up with the idea of asking it a question, so what do u think it happened next? Yes! The quartz moved, I was very shocked, because I tried it before with things that worked as pendulums but nothing happened (weeks after the Reiki initiation. Now, again I tried with earphones, necklaces and everything that worked as pendulums and it worked this time. I quite using my favorite necklace because I was still feeling scared, but time passed and got used to it. Then I discovered this page and I liked how grounded you are, and reading your articles, I discovered that my body works as a pendulum too, again, another unknown skill made me feel excited and scared at the same time, but I had no option than got used to it. As you know, this is a very delicate thing, you need to keep grounded to not get lost on the spiritual modern new age. A balance between self empowerment and humility. So, this is my story :)

    • Maggie Percy

      Welcome to the global Dowsing Tribe! Dowsing and using intuition consciously is very empowering, and thus, it can be scary. Anyone can learn to dowse, and we’re here to help you learn proper technique to assure you get useful and accurate answers, as well as to help you dowse ethically. Enjoy the free resources on this site, then if you still want to learn to master dowsing, get our Discovering Dowsing course.


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