What Is The Truth?


Written by Nigel Percy


A Big Question

What is the truth and how does it apply to dowsing – your dowsing in particular?

This is a huge subject and there are many areas to consider.

So, rather than write a really long post, I?m just going to ask some questions and let you fill in the answers for yourself.

Ready? Here goes?

  • Is there such a thing as ?The TRUTH??
  • What is the truth (about pretty much anything) and how do we know it, when we dowse it?
  • When we dowse something, do we know it is the truth because it fits everything we can test or because it just feels right?
  • Which is more important to getting at the truth in dowsing; feeling right about it or being right?
  • Does either feeing right or being right depend on the situation or on something else? (Call that something else ?Natural Law? for want of any better word.)
  • How do we judge what is right? If we are using dowsing about ourselves and what we do, then can we really judge what is right (about our dowsing) in the same way as we judge everything else?
  • If we are too tied up in our own process, can we even judge ourselves and what we dowse and know what is true?
  • Is truth just an idea or is it something bigger than that? And how could you persuade anyone else of the truth of your answer?

Now what do you think of ‘the truth'?

At the end of this list are you as confident now about the truth of something you have dowsed, what it is and how you can explain it to anyone else as you were at the beginning?

Next time you hear someone telling you the ?truth? of something they have dowsed, don?t just accept it at face value. Ask yourself how they are so sure it is the truth and how can they convince you of that?

Equally, be cautious about declaring something to be true with your dowsing.

Do you agree with this article about the truth and how it relates to dowsing? Share your thoughts in the comments section below


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