What To Tell People About Dowsing

Written by Maggie Percy

How To Speak To People About Dowsing

Have you ever been in a situation where you are asked what dowsing is, but you aren't sure how to answer? It is fairly common to wonder what to tell people about dowsing.

Most people are not that open to the idea of dowsing. And you may already know that certain of your friends or family think it's woo-woo. You tend to keep your head down to avoid arguments, rejection and judgment. Then you get surprised when someone asks you sincerely what dowsing is, and you stumble your way through an explanation that is less than satisfying to you both. You end up wanting to kick yourself. You worry that you blew a great opportunity for spreading your passion for dowsing.

Well, stop kicking yourself. Let's put together a little ‘elevator speech' for you to use as a starting point for your own answer to the question, “What is dowsing and what do you use it for?” You can customize it and practice it a few times so that you'll be ready next time someone asks.

Your explanation needs to be pitched to someone who is totally ignorant, but interested. It should be brief, clear and leave the door open so they can ask more questions. Don't try to tell them everything; their eyes will glaze over. Tell them just enough and see where they want to go with it. It would be ideal if you can accomplish this in a couple sentences.

Some of the phrases that can be included in a description of what dowsing is include:

  • focused intuition
  • a natural intuitive skill anyone can learn
  • a way of getting answers to questions you cannot answer rationally

Your main point will be to explain that dowsing is a way of getting answers to questions, that it is intuitive and not some psychic thing, but a natural skill anyone can learn.

Now, that explains what dowsing is, but probably won't spark their interest. So I would include a brief example of one way I use dowsing to make my life better. Make it clear that there are many applications, because dowsing is just an extension of your natural intelligence and sensing.

Pick an example that is true for you. Some examples are:

  • Knowing whether you need to gas up at this station or have enough to make it to the next one
  • Choosing the safest, fastest route to drive to a destination on a given day
  • Selecting the best car, TV or stereo to buy
  • Determining if you have an allergy to wheat
  • Picking the most effective supplement for a specific need
  • Knowing whether your cat needs to go to the vet in order to get well
  • Seeing if you have noxious environmental energy on your property
  • Siting a well
  • Finding lost objects like keys or even a pet
  • Determining potential side effects of a prescribed drug, therapy or treatment

Don't overwhelm the person. Pick one really good example that you love to share. Then let the person ask you questions.

The trick is to start a conversation. Not everyone will want to follow through. But some will. And you will be prepared to answer them. You'll be ready to answer the most common questions:

  • No, dowsing is not a psychic talent. Anyone can learn.
  • No, dowsing is not 100% accurate. Nothing is.
  • It takes time and practice to become an accurate dowser.
  • There are many applications of dowsing, and each is a specialty that requires much practice and training to master.

Remember to only bring your ‘speech' out when someone asks. Never try to persuade someone that dowsing is as great as you think it is. Let people ask you. Tell them just enough, and then let them ask for more, if they wish.


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