What’s Your Specialty?


Written by Nigel Percy


What Are You Good At?

Just like in life, so in dowsing. Everyone is good at something but nobody is good at everything.

Some people might be good at a couple of things, ?like wallpapering and gardening.

It's exactly the same in dowsing. And that can cause some problems.

When learning to dowse, the temptation is to think that whatever you dowse about you have an equal chance of success. And, because you're starting out and full of optimism and interest in this new skill, you think that every time you dowse you should be spot and accurate.

Well, the truth is that every dowser is good at dowsing something. Some dowsers are simply excellent at dowsing for water, whilst others are great at finding lost objects and still others are superb at some form of health dowsing.

The point is, that the water dowser is not necessarily any good at all at health dowsing. And the health dowser couldn't find water if you stood him in a bucket of it.

And the point of this is….it doesn't matter!

Find YOUR skill

Wanting to be good at dowsing is fine and great. But wanting to be good at all forms of dowsing is not a reasonable goal.

Think of what you are good at in your life and what you will happily let others do instead. And then apply that concept to dowsing.

One of the reasons for this problem is to think that dowsing is some sort of psychic gift and that, of course, psychic gifts, being given to you, are naturally better than your human limited gifts.

But dowsing is not a psychic skill. It is entirely natural. Nothing else. And because it's a human skill, you can make it better, more accurate, by practicing. The more practice you put in, the better you will be. Again, if you think dowsing is psychic, then why bother practicing? After all, you're either psychic or you're not.

Well, as you're human and dowsing is entirely a human-based skill, then the more you do it in the areas you are drawn to, the better you will be.

So, if you find yourself drawn to health dowsing, then go ahead and spend time on it. If you are drawn to dowsing about numbers (stock prices, finances and so on), then practice that. Find out what you are good at and keep honing that skill.

Remember the words of Samuel Goldwyn. ‘The harder I work, the luckier I get.' Only, with dowsing, it's ‘The more I practice, the better I get.'

So, don't just sit there! Get dowsing!

How did you find your skill in dowsing? What is it? Share with others in the comments section below

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  1. Sherryl

    If I understand what you’re saying is that since I crochet I can, by using the pendulum, pick which color of yarn I’ll pick which color or colors to use with the pattern I want to crochet, right?

    • Nigel Percy

      Yes, you could, if choosing colors is your dowsing specialty. But there are many other areas of dowsing which you might also become expert in. Instead of saying that because you crochet you could choose colors, put it the other way round and say because you can dowse about xxxx you can do yyyy.

    • Maggie Percy

      Honestly, I don’t think I’d use dowsing for that. I never use dowsing for anything my rational mind can answer, and if I am doing a craft, I pretty much know what I like, what works, and what doesn’t. Don’t need to dowse. When your rational mind cannot answer your question, that is when you dowse. You might dowse about whether doing the crochet project you are contemplating would be satisfying to you for your goals (of course, you have to be clear on the goals: just doing it to relax? doing it as a gift? etc). Does that make sense?

      • Sherryl

        yes it does. don’t let rational mind inter.


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