Dowsing Problems

dowsing problems

Written by Maggie Percy


How Was It For You?

It's so frustrating, but it happens to more people than you would think. It isn't just you. For some reason, dowsing doesn't work, there's a problem. A dowsing problem. Many new dowsers report dowsing problems when they start out.

Take me, for example. The first time I took a class and tried to use L-rods, the one in my left hand worked fine, but the one in my right hand wouldn't move. No matter what.

My friend Fern and I learned to dowse with a pendulum in the same class. My pendulum was swinging happily in a circle, but she couldn't get hers off dead center. Dowsing problems? You bet!

It's not “Dowsing Problems”, but something else

Usually there will be one person in each class we teach who has problems getting the dowsing tool to work. They get really disappointed and frustrated. I often wonder what would happen if they were in another class, with another teacher, or learning from a friend who didn't know what we know.

One of the most common causes of this symptom is if you lived another life as a dowser or healer and you were punished severely or killed for it. That creates a trauma in your subconscious mind, and it won't let you dowse. It fears for your life.

The good news is that it's relatively easy to clear this type of past life trauma. Usually, all it takes is a statement of intention, such as, “Please clear all energies, beliefs and mechanisms that are preventing me from getting a good dowsing response in this life.” If you like, you can ask your angels, guides or whomever for help with this statement. Try it yourself any time you run into this issue. Dowsing problems are usually easy to resolve.

The inability to dowse is seen in a small percent of people, and, as I said, it can be resolved. So if you have problems getting your dowsing tool to move, do not despair.

You see, what the phrase ‘dowsing problems', really means is that, at that moment, for that person in that situation, the tool isn't doing what it should be doing. The tool is not dowsing. That's the real problem. You can still get answers. You just have to know why those answers are being blocked.

That's all dowsing problems mean.

What happened when you ran into dowsing problems? Let us know what happened and what you did in the comments section below.

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  1. James

    My L rods worked well (both moved) until I requested them to show the energy flow of the area. The left one shifted around 100 degrees to the left and the right remained stationery! Two energy directions or energy block?

    • Maggie Percy

      There are many possible reasons for this, and we’d need to know more about you and your dowsing experience to say for sure what’s going on. The most common reason that tools give strange responses is due to the person not being trained in proper dowsing technique. When you don’t ask a good question or you aren’t in a dowsing state, etc, you can get strange responses. The second most common reason we see for this type of thing is the answer you are seeking is not what you think. “Energy flow” is a vague phrase. You need to define exactly what you are looking for. It may take several specific questions to eventually get the information you want. Take time to ask however many it takes, defining terms carefully. It may be that there are multiple energy ‘flows’ there. Determine exactly what you are looking for, define it and ask a very specific question. The third reason this could happen is if you have a problem getting answers with L-rods due to some past life or current life issue. If you have been dowsing energies like this and never had that problem, then that’s not the issue. But if it is, a simple clearing statement can usually restore proper responses.

      The word ‘energy’ is way too vague in most cases for dowsing. Your aura is energy. Your chakras are energy. Everything in your environment has energy associated with it. There are environmental energies that flow in lines or exist as spots or vortices. Etc. Some energy is noxious to you; others are beneficial. Take some time to think what you are looking for and why; create a very clear and specific question. Or a series of questions. Don’t make assumptions. The type of energy you seek may not exist there. Or it may be in a form you haven’t imagined. Good luck!


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