When Not to Dowse

when not to dowse

Written by Maggie Percy

The Big Question

One of the questions we are most often asked is, “How can I make my dowsing 100% accurate?” That's a loaded question, but one short answer is: Know when not to dowse. Because if you dowse when it isn't appropriate, you will almost certainly get a ‘wrong' answer.

You might find this hard to absorb. You thought that you could dowse about anything. In fact, you remember hearing us tell you to try it on anything. Yes, but…

When Not to Dowse:

There are exceptions to every rule. Sure, try dowsing on everything, but use your judgment.

  • Don't dowse about things you can more easily and accurately answer using rational means. For example, don't dowse a phone number you can look up in a phone book. That's silly. That's when NOT to dowse.
  • Don't dowse about things that are ethically inappropriate. Sure, you can dowse if your neighbor is having an affair, because you've seen that strange car parked next door (just like the song…), but it's none of your business. Back off! That's when NOT to dowse.
  • Don't dowse about things you are unable to be detached about. Fear will ruin your answers. That's when NOT to dowse.
  • Don't dowse about things you are not properly trained to dowse about. That's when NOT to dowse. No matter what anyone has told you, dowsing IS a skill and requires training if you want to be good at it. Even if you are a ‘natural', you still need plenty of training and practice. An example is health dowsing.

Here's a Recent Example:

Even we do not dowse about everything. Just this week, I found myself trying to dowse about the problem I was having with my wi-fi. I had a new computer and a new modem. I consulted experts from the cable company and the Geek Squad. Everyone had a different suggestion. So I decided to dowse about it.

When I'm not getting accurate answers, I can usually tell by how it feels when I'm dowsing. Then I get confirmation, because my answers are inconsistent. When that happens, I stop and ask: “Can I get an accurate answer to this question?” I got a ‘no'. So I quit dowsing immediately.

In this case, it was pretty easy to see what had happened. I only had 15 days to decide whether to return the computer, and I was on day 9. And I still had no idea if the problem was the computer or not. I felt a lot of pressure, as I was falling behind in work, and if I made a ‘wrong' choice, I could see myself falling behind further still. I was attached to results due to the pressure I was putting on myself.

What Did I Do Instead of Dowsing?

So I did some clearing work on myself. I reminded myself of my goal. Which wasn't to dictate the details of what happened, but to find an easy solution to my problem that would get me back on track with minimum time, money and effort. I worked towards trusting that even when things seem to be going wrong, they can work out fine. Just focus on what I want, not what I don't want.

I accepted that even though I had done this work, I still probably wasn't detached enough to dowse, so I decided to take what action I could, but not dowse. I did some research on my computer and found it had a wi-fi diagnostics routine. I ran it. I got a report. We made some changes in settings on our modem. They appeared to fix the problem, or at least strongly indicate the computer is not the issue.

Sometimes you just shouldn't dowse. (I know, I try to avoid the word ‘should'). Every tool has its proper use. You don't use a screwdriver as a hammer. It is important to know when NOT to dowse. And then, just don't do it. Take another path.

Have you suddenly recognized when not to dowse? How did you know and what did you do? Let us know in the comments section below.


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