Why Dowse? Why Bother?

why dowse

Written by Nigel Percy


Dowsing v Running

Why dowse? What's the purpose behind it all? So many times you see excellent reasons about what things you can do with dowsing, but hardly anybody takes the time to try to tell you why dowse in the first place!

So, let me give you an analogy. Let's take exercise and look at that. But, more specifically, walking, jogging, and running. They are all just ways of moving, so let's bundle them all under the heading ‘running' for argument's sake.

People know the benefits of running. They know it's good for them in various ways. They know there are various levels, from the occasional stroll to Olympic marathon and everything in between. There are all sorts of things you can buy to help you; clothing, shoes, monitors, plans, diets and drinks, for example. They are all built around making your running experience better for you or to encourage you.

Yet, the one thing central to all this is that everyone who does running, to whatever level, knows and appreciates that it is good for them. It is beneficial in various ways. That's the central theme, if you like, about running.

So, if you were to ask someone why they were running, they would answer using that beneficial argument.

Why dowse?

But, if you were to ask different dowsers why they dowse, they would give you different answers which would be all over the map! And that is because the central reason for dowsing, the reason ‘why', has been lost in the ‘how' and in the ‘with what'.

The central benefit has been lost in the fanfare of techniques and tools.

Why dowse? Have you really thought about it?

If you run, you do it because it's healthy. That's a given. But you dowse because…..

Well, there is, in fact, a central reason, an answer to the ‘why dowse?' question, which is simple, elegant, plain and true. Dowsing is so practical, so immensely useful, so utilitarian, that not dowsing is like blindfolding yourself. If you don't dowse, you are cutting yourself off from something which enlarges and enriches your life because you are depriving yourself of an extra sense, an extra ability.

It's not what you do with dowsing that's central to it all. It's?that you dowse which is more important. Because, no matter what you do, no matter what your life is, dowsing fits, dowsing complements and enlarges it.

In the same way as you walk, jog or run for your health, you dowse to enrich your life. It's that simple.

What answer would you give if you were asked, ‘Why dowse?'. Let us know in the comments section below


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