Why “Strengthen Your Intuition” Is A Myth

Written by Maggie Percy

Intuition Is Your Secret Superpower

Does this sound like you? When someone suggests that you ‘strengthen your intuition,' you might picture it as a process like working out in a gym, sweating as you do step aerobics or use the stairmaster. The image makes you tired, and you decide you aren't convinced intuition is worth that much effort, because what the heck would you use it for, anyway?

It's unfortunate if you have this reaction, because your intuition is the most powerful yet underutilized tool you have for making your life happy, healthy and fulfilling. The myth of needing to strengthen your intuition makes you think of a long, difficult process that includes doing things you'd rather not do and also implies pain is part of the process. That simply is not the case. You have intuition. It's natural. And you can use it to make your life better.

Why You Aren't Using It

Sure, those stories about people who have exercised amazing feats of intuition can make you feel doubt. It can't be that natural, can it? You've never done anything that unusual, but why judge yourself by the outliers of intuition?

Everyone has intuition, and everyone can learn to listen to that quiet voice that warns us, informs us or guides us. It is a natural part of being human.

Education is a lifelong process, and school basically only teaches you how to ‘strengthen' your rational thought processes. And, of course, there are plenty of prodigies in that realm, but you don't let that convince you that you shouldn't use your brain, do you? Why give up on using your natural intuitive sensing abilities? Do you really want to let the misconceptions and prejudices of our culture prevent you from being happy, healthy and fulfilled?

What Can You Do To Access Your Power?

Read this book!

Our book, The Nature Of Intuition: Understand & Harness Your Intuitive Abilities, is a comprehensive, groundbreaking work that draws on knowledge from many fields from quantum physics and biology to philosophy and language to demonstrate that intuition is a natural human ability.

In Part 1, you are entertained with stories of the many uses of intuition in all its forms and given insight into how intuition may actually work. Part 2 gives you simple steps for becoming aware of your intuition, because the only thing you need to do to immediately begin to benefit from your intuition is to start being aware of it. But how to do that? We show you lots of simple ways.

Kirkus Reviews loved the book. They said:

A remarkably thorough tour of the nature of intuition, its important functions, and the means by which it may be sharpened for everyday use.
Nigel Percy and Maggie Percy (Dowsing for Health, 2018, etc.) observe that while everyone experiences some version of intuition, it remains elusive and resistant to rational explanation. Also, it carries connotations of the supernatural as a revelatory epiphany, delivered by seemingly magical means. The authors, with impressive intellectual rigor and subtlety, attempt to provide a scientifically defensible account of intuition that still does justice to how it appears to transcend physical perception. In the interests of clarity, the authors stick to a fairly narrow definition of intuition: any perception that’s not reducible to the five senses or deducible by rational procedure that provides an “immediate insight or knowledge” that’s “associated with a different time or place.” They explore various ways in which intuitive judgment arises—relating them broadly to the “head,” the “gut,” and the “heart” and plumbing the biological science behind these perceptions with admirable caution. They also investigate what they see as the greater cosmic context of intuition, connecting it to concepts from modern quantum physics. In addition, the book includes a series of exercises designed to bolster intuition through the exercise of mindful self-awareness and the use of a proper diet. Overall, the authors contend that intuition is only secondarily an instrument of self-preservation—one that’s better understood as a means to enjoying life that is “happier, richer, deeper, and more fulfilling.” As they develop this conclusion, what finally emerges is a profound image of human life that isn’t reducible to any kind of materialistic conception: “Our common attitude toward ourselves as a purely mechanical set of systems is, however, deeply wrong. It would be difficult to ascribe sensations of a ‘gut feeling’ to such a machine.”
An intellectually nuanced account of a mysterious element of the human experience.

And Learn Dowsing!

You don't have to be a psychic to use your intuition in amazing and profitable ways every day. But what if you want to take it further? What if you want intuition on demand? That's simple. Dowsing is focused intuition, or a way to access your intuitive power on demand. Cultivating your Inner Voice is natural and simple, but some people are eager to be able to ask questions about life and get answers their brain can't give them. For them, dowsing is an incredible tool.

Anyone can learn to dowse and ask questions and get answers; it just takes a bit of training in proper technique. Our Discovering Dowsing course is the best, most complete dowsing course you'll find at the best price, plus we give you tons of bonus material that will get you dowsing right away on all kinds of interesting subjects. See details of the Discovering Dowsing course here.

Step Into Your Power

You are a powerful being with the ability to create the outcomes you desire. Your intuition in whatever form you choose to use it, through dowsing, tarot, runes, whatever, is nothing short of your secret superpower. So use it!

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