Why You Need To Learn Dowsing: Be Self-Aware

learn dowsing to become self-aware

Written by Maggie Percy

Learn Dowsing To Be Self-Aware

You need to learn dowsing to become more self-aware. This is Part 2 of a 3-part series. Read Part 1, Why You Need To Learn Dowsing: Change Your Life, if you haven't yet done so.

Self-Awareness Is The First Step

In the previous post, we said that self-awareness was the first step to a conscious life, a happier life and vital if you want to learn dowsing. We all want a better life, don't we? Learning how to dowse well requires skills that also apply to living a happier, healthier life. And it all starts with self-awareness.

In order to listen to your Inner Voice and be guided by its wisdom, you need to be self-aware. Unfortunately, modern life trains us not to pay attention to our intuitive senses. Instead, we are urged to consume, to work, and to achieve what others say will make us happy. The end result is that most people live unfulfilled lives.

Dowsers Are Self-Aware

To learn dowsing, you need to become self-aware. You need to get in touch with how you feel. With what you really want to do with your life. You must know what you want to experience instead of what you are experiencing at this time.

Most people can easily tell you what they don't like about their life, but few can say what they want instead. That sense of frustration, sadness or emptiness is a sign from your intuition. If you listen, you can craft an alternate route that will lead to happiness. Dowsing starts that process by having you contemplate your goals. Can you quickly and clearly state what you want in life?

Dowsers need to ask good questions. But before doing that, they need to know why they are asking the question. In other words, what do they hope to accomplish? They need to know what they are wanting to create. For that, you need self-awareness. And you need to be able to tune in to your intuitive senses as well as to your dowsing response.

Where are you in this process? Do you have clear goals about any aspect of your life? Are you asking how you can attain them? Are you aware how you feel about the direction of your life's path?

Fear Blocks Self-Awareness

Fear is the greatest enemy of self-awareness. It shouts so loud that it blocks out messages from your intuition. A good dowser must release fear as much as possible if she wants to get a good dowsing response.

In life, fear is also a great enemy to happiness. It blocks your ability to follow your intuitive guidance system. Releasing fear can be done in many ways and is a big help not only to accurate dowsing, but to a happier life.

How has fear kept you stuck in the status quo, and what have you done to release fear?

What Do You REALLY Want Out Of Life?

We all want to live well. But how many of us are trying to live well based on our own personal desires and values? Most people do what advertising, their family, their boss and their culture demands. They are afraid of being labeled as selfish, sociopathic or freakish if they do what they want. Being different is very scary, so we avoid it and just follow the crowd.

Maybe you aren't ready to declare independence from the many forces that tell you how to live, that urge you to suppress what you feel. But if you choose to learn dowsing, you will be taking a big first step towards empowerment. You will be saying that you want to listen to your intuition, to use all of the intelligence you've been given. That you want to consciously create your life, instead of just doing what's expected of you.

This will open a door to a different you. Yes, dowsing is fun, but more importantly, dowsing shows you that you have more talent and power than you ever imagined for creating the life you desire. And that makes you see the amazing potential in your life.

Become Self-Aware To Become Empowered

You need to learn dowsing because it will help you become self-aware. Dowsing is the most empowering skill we know, and we'd love to show you how to dowse. Our Discovering Dowsing course is a super resource.

Read Part 3 of this series, Why You Need To Learn Dowsing: Empowerment, to discover more about empowerment and how conscious creation and positive results (and happiness) flow from it. While dowsing isn't the only way to become empowered, it was the path for us, and we'd love to be your guides if you wish.


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