Y rods and Bobbers

y rods and bobbers

Written by Maggie Percy


Y-Rods and Bobbers

Y-rods and bobbers are two dowsing tools that have been around a long time, but they are not used as much by dowsers these days. Perhaps that is because these tools were originally associated with more practical applications, such as water dowsing (or water-witching as it is still sometimes referred to).

The emphasis in dowsing, especially over the last quarter-century, has been towards more personal growth types of dowsing. These lend themselves more to the use of the pendulum. I suppose you could call that area of dowsing as more interested in the ‘spiritual' aspects of life.

The other popular tool is the L-rod. That is certainly taught more often in conjunction with the pendulum to newcomers. And that is because it is much, much easier to teach how to hold and use L-rods than Y-rods. Y-rods are the modern version of the old forked branch, the one is more closely associated with ‘old-timers' or water-dowsers. Y-rods are the most tricky of all the tools to hold. They have to be held just right, so that they are ready to move easily and quickly. As you'll see in the video, it's really all in the wrists and hand position.

I can still recall when I first started with a Y-rod. I nearly took out my front teeth! The video shows you how to avoid that particular problem!

The other tool shown here is the bobber. The bobber is an interesting variation on the pendulum. Think of it as a pendulum which sticks out in front of you, instead of dangling from your hand.

Even if you never choose to use these tools a lot, it's fun to play with them. Who knows? You might even find one of them becomes a favorite.

Do you prefer either y rods or a bobber when you dowse? Tell us why in the comments section below.

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