Yes and No Scale: Refine your dowsing answer!

yes and no scale

Written by Maggie Percy


A Yes and No Scale

When we introduce new dowsers to the idea of a yes and no scale, they are immediately attracted to it because it makes so much sense and has the added benefit of being so easy.

Even if you never went beyond getting a yes or no when dowsing, a yes and no scale would still be a great tool. By using scales in dowsing, you can get shades of yes and no that will boggle your mind!

Let's take a ‘for instance' to show how this idea works. Suppose that you are dowsing about how beneficial a particular supplement would be for you. (This is health dowsing and is one of the most popular types of dowsing, if you're new to this.) You get a ‘yes' response to your question (again, assuming you have asked the right question!) So you take the supplement and you are disappointed that it didn't do what you hoped it would do.

But you got a ‘yes', didn't you? It should have worked, shouldn't it?

Well, that's where a yes and no scale comes into its own. With a scale like that, you can not only ask if the supplement would work for (‘yes'), but also, and far more importantly, how well it would work for you. What you ideally want, obviously, is something which is 10 out of 10. Perhaps the supplement you dowsed was only something like a 3 out of 10. Yes, it would work for you, but not very well.

I hope with that example, and with what you can learn from watching the video, that you can see how useful scales can be.

Don't settle for a simple ‘either or' when with a yes or no scale when you can get a screaming NO or a faint YES. Learn to use scales to enrich your dowsing answers.

How have you used a yes and no scale in your dowsing? Share your successes (and your failures, if you're OK with that) in the comments section below.

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