Zero Point or Scalar Energy? What’s the Story?

Written by Maggie Percy

Strange Things…

For some time now, we've been hearing the terms ‘scalar energy' and ‘zero point energy' tossed around in association with healing and protective devices.

We have concerns that in some cases, these devices are a scam. In others, they are not a scam; they are dangerous.

We became concerned about these devices in 2010 when we had very adverse reactions after being in close proximity to one for an entire weekend. We thought it strange that the people who owned these devices didn't look as if they were feeling as bad as we were. We wondered why.

That question led us to do a lot of research on the topic. Sadly, there wasn't much real information available on the internet. Mostly, we saw hype and unsubstantiated claims.

We are the first to admit that lack of scientific evidence does not mean something is fake. Most energy workers and dowsers can't point to any hard evidence that what they do works, other than pointing to results. There's nothing wrong with this method as such.

However, when we move from the realm of dowsing into the realm of healing, the ‘results' are subject to multiple interpretations. For example, if I have exhausted adrenals, I will drag around with no energy at all. If I start drinking lots of coffee and eating sugary foods, I will feel much better. That might lead me to conclude that coffee and sugar have cured me. Not.

This is one reason it's easy to get hooked on various drugs or smoking. If you feel better, you want to keep doing whatever got you there. Unfortunately, that can harm your health, as we all know.

Our view on scalar energy devices

We view these scalar/ZPE devices in the same category. Yes, some people might feel better using them. If you look hard and look at the rare information where instructions and caveats exist, those are the very people who probably should not be using them, because they are people with weak EM fields. We feel this is because the devices give a ‘boost' rather than a healing.

For the very rare people like us, who have strong energy fields, the devices are negative–they seem to break the EM field down.

It is very rare to find someone with an electromagnetic field functioning above 40%. In fact, most people are under 30%. So there is quite a market of people looking to feel good who might feel better with these devices. But in the long term, we believe they do not repair, restore or strengthen you. If they do, at some point you should be able to put the device aside for good.

Our colleague Michele Fitzgerald was doing some parallel work on this same subject in 2010, while we were. Her conclusions and dowsing were similar, but more damning, than ours. She also feels that ZPE devices are harmful to your energy field.

We have put a link on this page to the summary report we made in 2012. We haven't done further research since then, but the basic facts probably remain the same.

As always, you should make your own choice about whether to use devices of this type. But we want to give you some information so that you can make an informed decision. You may find it hard to be detached if you have invested in an mlm business that sells the devices or purchased some at great expense, but your health is the most important thing you have, and we want to share our opinion with you, so you can decide what is best for you.

ZPE Summary Report 2012

What are your thoughts about zero point or scalar energy and the various devices available? Please share them in the comments section below.


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  1. sunil kathale

    dear sir. hi there i am wearing a quantum scalar energy pendant for the past 2 years made by fusionexcel company. i have diabetes and i find not much difference in my sugar levels. but one thing is certain that i have no joint pains anywhere and no pain anywhere in my body.should i continue wearing the pendant. i wear it for 15 hrs. can i wear for 24 hrs forever. if yes let me know.can i wear 2 pendants at the same time forever.can 2 different pendants if anyone wears yield the same results as wearing 2 pendants of the same type.if i wear 2 pendants emitting different negative ions is it good for the body of the same or different company.

    • Maggie Percy

      I did reply to your question via our support address. I hope you received it. There are many products that claim to heal or protect. Some are good; some are fake; some are dangerous. I can’t make a blanket reply. It depends on the product. However, I would never use anything that is really scalar energy, period. And using more than one product for the same purpose doesn’t make sense to me, and if they are from different companies and use different energies, they can make things worse. It’s important to research before buying, as some of these products are not healthy to use. I avoid any scalar or zero point energy product as a rule.


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